Our Mission

Presently, M.I.T Company established for more than twenty years. With our strong brand and production system, it allows us to meet all customers’ requirement in every channel where we aim to deliver suitable and quality products to all of our customers.


More Product
More Service
More Colour

Minimum to Zero defects

Only 0.98% monthly average for Reproduce (Redye)

Speed delivery

Provide the fast and quality dyeing service to make sure our customers will receive the products with shorter lead-time, enable to response quicker to market trends.

Variety in premium color

Selection of quality dyeing compositions and availability of multicolor, enable to meet the individual’s needs.

Service to all

Because the individual’s need we produce according to order without wasting material and additional cost to achieved fully customers’ satisfaction.

Environment Friendly

With modern design and new technology,
we advocate protecting and improving the environment in every phase of our operations.

ISO 9001

MIT was approved by Bureau Veritas to be the standard of ISO 9001 so the customer should be confident with the standard of our product

Thailand Brand

For 20 years, we never stop moving and improving. Nowaday we have best quality zipper and slider that be accepted by domestic customer and foreign customer that why we got "Thailand Brand Award"