Company Profile

Company Names M.I.T. Marketing Co., Ltd. M.I.T. Industrial Group (1999) Co., Ltd. M.I.T. Gold Co., Ltd.
Year Establishment 1988 1999 2006
Registered Capitals 40,000,000.00 Bht. 5,000,000.00 Bht. 80,000,000.00 Bht.
Share Holders 100% Thai
Plants Area 19,196 sq.m.
Employees 250 persons ( March 08 )
Nylon, Brass, Aluminium, Nickel, Plastic, Invisible Zip Sizes and Long Chain Zippers.
Brand Name Customers FBT, Grand Sport , Pasaya , NHK Spg Thailand , Quartermaster Department Royal Thai Army ,Verzard Jeans

M.I.T. Marketing Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 by Mr. Pichet Thaya-Urai. At the beginning, the company was located in Bangkok as a family industrial to distribute zippers to customers, with over 10 staffs. Then the company was moved to set up factory in Samutprakarn Province with over 200 staff, in area of an acre, 2 buildings with 6,500 sq.m. of activitied production and management.

The subsidiary of M.I.T. Industrial Group (1999) Co., Ltd. was set up to support the escalation of the forth coming economics growth of the nation. The companies stress on the distribution high quality of zippers and sliders. The range of productions include Nylon, Brass,Aluminium, Nickel, Plastic, Invisible Zip Sizes with Closed End, Opened End and Long Chain Zippers for garment industry.

The third factory, M.I.T. Gold Co., Ltd. Was established in 2006, in Ratchaburi Province, with the area of over 3 acres (7 Rais with over 50 staffs). The purpose to support the first two companies in dyeing zipper. Three buildings are two stories office, three stories of dyeing building and boiler system building. There are 5-200 kgs. of 19 dyeing tanks, controlled by computer system. The capacity of 6 tons of zipper dyeing each day guarantees the production lines to distribute the share of our zipper market.

The aims of our companies are to support our customers with qualities and services and to perform the development of functions of garment industry in Thailand. The high quality methods have been researched and applied to the production line, under intense inspection of analyse team, in order to stabilize and up-grade the standard of our zipper, under the brand name of " M.I.T. "

"MIT come from made in Thailand" Qualities , Standards and Services
" MIT was approved by Bureau Veritas to be the standard of ISO 9001 so the customer should be confident with the standard of our product "
For 20 years, we never stop moving and improving. Nowaday we have best quality zipper and slider that be accepted by domestic customer and foreign customer that why we got "Thailand Brand Award"

M.I.T. Marketing Co., Ltd.
505 Moo. 8, Puttaruksa Rd.,T. Taiban,
A. Muang,Samutprakarn 10270 Thailand.

tel. : (662) 387-0915 , 387-2305 , 701-4190-2
fax. : (662) 701-4193 email :
M.I.T. Industrial Group(1999) Co., Ltd.
201/309 Moo. 8, Soi Tesblan Bangpoo 30,
Puttaruksa Rd., T. Taibanmai, A. Muang, Samutprakarn 10280 Thailand.

tel. : (662) 387-0915 , 387-2305 , 701-4190-2
fax. : (662) 701-4193 email :
M.I.T. Gold Co., Ltd.
155/53 Moo 4 T.Jedsamean, A.Potaram, Rajburi 71200, Thailnd.

tel. : (032) 375-845-7
fax. : (032) 375-848 email :