Our Service

Production System

  • Inventory Control
  • Production Planning
  • Laboratory of Datacolor Process
  • Production process and Quality Control
  • Delivery System

1. Inventory Control

Provide standard inventory for customer with proper organize location to avoid error pick up.

2. Production Planning

Estimate the production capacity, with minimum defect (below 3%) of colour dyeing, and advance inform the possible due date to customers. We focus on every detail to achieved highest satisfaction from our customers.

3. Laboratory of Datacolor Process

With a unique software solution “Datacolor Process” that enable to manage dyeing recipes and entire processes. We could provide hundreds of different production recipes by relevant dyeing requirements with global standardize.

4.Production process and Quality Control

With Computer PLC and trained employees to follow our production standard, every batch of production is standardizing.

5. Delivery System

Providing fast and multi routes of delivery to serve all customers.